Meet Founder Hanan's Grandad

Always a well dressed man, after his third battle with cancer he had to adapt to life with a necessary stoma and urostomy bag. Due to its positioning and the discomfort it caused him, comfort and style no longer became a choice.

Resigned to wearing baggy sweatpants, he became conscious of how others may perceive him and became more reclusive.

This was not something he should have been self-conscious of, but it also should have had an easy fix- adaptive clothing that is comfortable and works with your disability.

And so started our journey into the creation of adaptive fashion...

Our Solution

Hanan looked for a solution but all she found was a gaping hole in the fashion world for adaptive clothing.
Hanan decided it was time to fix this and give back independence and individuality to the disabled community. Intotum was born in 2023 and works to bridge the gap between function and fashion.