What is 'Intotum'

Intotum is taken from latin, meaning all together or as one. As an ancient language it has many translations, and Intotum has even been known to mean 'Unbroken'

Meet The Founder

Hi my name is Hanan, Founder of Intotum and adaptive fashion designer.

I strive to make clothing that can empower the disabled community, through choice and representation. Your clothing should make you feel good and fit comfortably – after my grandads third battle with cancer he had to adapt to life with a stoma and urostomy bag, I witnessed first hand the need for effective adaptive fashion.

Intotum seeks to create a community- enabling independence and individuality.

  • Functional

    When you have a disability, you often have to interact differently with your clothing. We work hard to create clothing that can provide independence, assist with dressing, and eliminate those everyday 'gripes'.

  • Fashionable

    Whether a member of the disabled community or not, you should be able to find clothing that makes you feel fabulous. Intotum does just that! we are always working to expand our ranges and value any feedback and suggestions

  • Comfortable

    Comfort shouldn't only be a part time thing! Anything you wear should feel great. We also understand that many people have sensory needs and work closely within the community, testing our products to find what works best.